Offshoring services

We are a reputed and well established in offshoring outsourcing with various tasks for clients in various industries: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND FINANCE. We find the right employees for you. We train them according to your needs and support them to increase productivity permanently.

Offshoring(Relocating) your back office tasks can save you up to 80% of your labor and office costs. They are guaranteed the same work performance, as you like. JOBADDON employees work at the same office hours as you said and you can manage and coordinate them as needed. Learn more about why you should consider relocation.

The offshore labor trend was first launched by large multinationals Companies. This is due to the positive work ethic and lower labor costs that offshore outsourcing offers.

Today we offer the same great benefit and more. We are passionate about our ongoing quest to find outstanding professionals, world-class technology and effective BPO solutions.

This is the advantage of Jobaddon off shoring services.

  • An overview of your business and your goals
  • Provide an overview and a detailed overview of the back office tasks you want to move
  • Hire and train your offshore contract staff
  • To start to work

Jobaddon works hard to fully understand your needs. We help you refine your processes and look for ways to save time and money. We keep the process simple without compromising on increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. At Jobaddon offshoring Services we are looking for total customer satisfaction.

Jobaddon employs are experienced business analysts and together we can analyze the current processes in your organization and find new ways to improve the following:

  • Commercial activities
  • The efficiency of customer service
  • sales performance

The primary goal of Jobaddon Business Process Assignment is to help organizations become more efficient while reducing costs. A clear and detailed business process map allows us to observe how and where improvements can be made to the current process. We then implement them as part of the entire offshore outsourcing process when relocating your tasks.


A Jobaddon Business Consultant will meet you and discuss the specific needs of your business to help you understand your business. At this point, we will formulate a detailed specification for the list of tasks you want to move to the sea.


Our business advisor will spend time with you to understand each step of your current process. Then we look for ways to improve this process.


JOBADDON finds the best people for the job. We are satisfied only with the best. The result is an offshore team characterized by a positive work ethic, qualified and globally competitive professionals and a high level of English proficiency.

  • Execution of offshoring services:

Your new offshore team is working under the supervision of the JOBADDON management team to ensure a smooth transition. The management team creates and executes your action plan to maximize productivity without compromising the quality of service. We have one goal: excellence, commitment and partnerships.